Welcome to the Archaeology Museum of the City of Kelheim!

Look around you at this impressive building! It was built as a storehouse and is over 500 years old. This is where the Duke of Bavaria once stored in kind payments or taxes from his subjects.

The building materials for this “ducal box” (as it is called in German) were recycled from the demolition of the former Kelheim castle. Recycling like this happens often in the course of history.

Speaking of history, as an expert I can tell you that what is on display here is of the very highest quality! Many of the finds on the ground floor come from the Altmühltal Archaeology Park. They range in time from the Neanderthals of the middle Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. The construction of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal along the valley of the river Altmühl led to the recovery and preservation of many of these treasures and the stories associated with them.

So we owe a big thankyou to the archaeologists!”

“This, I hope, is my final resting place, here in the Archaeology Museum of the city of Kelheim. Previously, I had been buried for more than 1500 years in the Bavarian row-grave cemetery on the Altmühlflur, east of Kelheim.

Back in the day, my remarkable height of nearly 2 metres – well over 2 metres with my helmet on! – commanded everyone’s respect. My noble origins are reflected in the rich objects that were buried with me.

I died a violent death in my forties, showing my courage in battle. It was a deep injury to my shin bone that sealed my fate, but archaeologists have ensured I live still in popular memory. 

I lived here once! I was a Kelheimer of the Merovingian period!”

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