Technical information

The web application of the Altmühltal Archaeological Park allows technologies that were previously reserved for native smartphone applications to be used on an innovative internet-based platform. The advantage for users: content can be viewed directly on the smartphone without installing an application from the App Store or Play Store.

All features are supported from Andorid 10 (Chrome browser) and iOS 14 (Safari browser).

Special highlights of the APA web application:

1. augmented reality (AR).

Discover exciting content right in the landscape that surrounds it. Get the help of the 19th century virtual archaeologist Leopold or explore the Oppidum Alkimoennis as a 3D model directly on the spot.
Augmented reality is one of the most computationally intensive applications on smartphones. To use it, you need a relatively up-to-date smartphone that has all the usual sensors (gyroscope, compass, GPS, etc.) installed. Also make sure that your smartphone has LTE reception.

2. virtual reality (VR)

Discover the archaeological world in 360°. The web application provides several 360° views from a bird’s eye view. Learn more about the topography of the Altmühl valley.
The virtual experience is particularly impressive with 360° VR glasses (e.g. Cardboard).
Virtual Reality also requires high-quality smartphones for the use of all features. For Cardboard, numerous sensors are also required.
Make sure that your smartphone has LTE reception.

3. 3D objects

Explore finds from archaeological sites in 3D. Look at special finds from the Altmühltal on the phone from all sides.
Make sure that your smartphone has LTE reception.

4. text-image information

Of course, information is also available classically as text with pictures. This information is available at every station. Simply select “More info” here at the individual locations. This information does not pose any special challenges to the smartphone.

5. audio

Each station in the Altmühltal Archaeological Park provides audio information. Listen to them exciting short stories by Ernst W. Heine!
LTE reception is preferable.